If I had a cat I’d probably name it Diane. My personal robot would be called Tanya. Once someone tried to guess my name and came up with Cardamom. I could live with that. When I was at the Narita airport, the name Chung Kee Ho was announced over the intercom. Hearing that was almost worth the – surprise! – extra 20 hours it took to get there. In second grade I knew a kid named Bubba and he had a glass eye. My friend Night Song changed her name from Stephanie when she was 18. She said she was inspired by a box of incense. While in Canada, my friend Laura and I met a woman named Velvet. We referred to her as Velvet E. Smooth. Velvet danced like robot, but not on purpose. Once this older lady from my yoga class gave me a pin with my name on it. I think she just found it in her house. I threw it away. I’ve never known anyone named Minerva, but I have known a Dorwinkle. Just kidding.


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