Mushrooms and hammers

Tomorrow is all about hunting for fungus and hitting stuff with hammers.

My brother and I have gone into the woods outside Sandy to search for the fruiting bodies of chanterelle mushrooms several times over the past few years. We usually drive out to some unpaved road during the middle of hunting season, get neck-deep in salal and come home with a few pounds each. I like tromping right into the forest with no trails to be seen. The rifle blasts can be a little unnerving, but we try to wear bright colors and stay away from where the massive pickup trucks are parked.

After the foraging session, it’s off to Lake Oswego to visit Mary Kate and smack some things with hammers. Maybe we’ll do other activities, too, like cook and eat a few mushrooms. But hammer usage is on the agenda for sure. It’s been a rough week for us both, so bashing random items sounds like good therapy. I’m not sure what we’ll destroy. Hopefully some figurines or something. In high school my best friend Taryn had a collection of deer figurines and we slowly disposed of them by different methods, one of which was hammer-smashing. Some were left on the city bus, a few in the school bathroom and one on a shelf at our favorite record store. But it felt mighty fine to shatter a couple with a hammer. Now that’s a fine way to spend an evening with a loved one.


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