The NASCAR rabbit hole

Maybe I should get into NASCAR. It’s something I’ve never even considered. What is it, exactly? I’m pretty sure it’s car racing, but that’s about all I can say. It seems like something you’d need satellite TV to watch. So I’d have to get that. Oh wait, first I’d have to get an actual TV. Ok, so I guess I could get one of those at Costco. But I’d need a membership. Maybe someone I know who has a membership would let me use theirs. But if I’m going to have NASCAR-watching parties (is that what you do?), a Costco card is likely a requirement since I’d be needing massive quantities of stuff like Lit’l Smokies, Easy Cheese, Cool Ranch Doritos and Coors Light. And then, well, I’d have to get all new friends. Because I really doubt any of my current friends would be down to clown with this NASCAR thing. Probably I’d have to move out of this city in order to make these new friends. Alright, I get it. I’d have to move to a whole different part of the country. Well, it’s been good knowing everyone.


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