EZ in DC

This is day two in the nation’s capital. Three if you count the few hours I was awake after my arrival on Monday afternoon. That was an early morning, the pre-dawn hours, when my friend Stephane drove me to the airport with “Feliz Navidad” on the radio. A brief glimpse of a cop car in the rear view mirror prompted the phrase Police Navidad, which sent me into sleep-deprived hysterics. Once descending the escalator into PDX, Stephanie whipped out a tiny flask of party favor bubbles and started blowing them for my bon voyage.

I’m taking the slow track to DC absorption. My sleep pattern has gone haywire and my energy level is set to chill mode, so I’m down with keeping things simple. Yesterday was all about the zoo. My friend Duncan navigated the way through the various exhibits. One highlight was an elderly beaver named Chipper who slowly gnawed on peanuts while his companion, Chloe, pawed at the attendant every time she wanted more of the snack. Another stand-out incident was running into a high school classmate I hadn’t seen in over two decades. Really bizarre. We were watching the pandas eat bamboo when I realized I knew her. We had a brief chat which ended with me awkwardly saying, “Well, I hope you’re having a good life!”


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