Toothbrush enigma

A couple days ago I went on a tour of NPR headquarters, because why not. I’m a fan, for sure, and it was free – what other reason did I need. There’s Lakshmi Singh at her desk with three or four computer screens gathering the latest news for her updates on the hour. Here we have Guy Raz from “Ted Radio Hour” in stylish glasses. This is the Tiny Desk behind which a thirty piece marching band once crammed itself to play. Also behind the desk are the miscellany left by the likes of a wide array of musicians who’ve performed in the miniature space. Adele and Pat Benatar had both abandoned their water bottles. A paper coffee cup smudged with blue lipstick once belonged to the Blue Man Group. And don’t forget the Christmas card from T-Pain. But what I really want to know is who forgot their toothbrush? Who brought one in the first place? I could see there was a name written on the bottom, but decided to obey the rule of not handling anything on display.


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