Tasting things

This morning I started off the day by getting paid to eat french fries. The OSU Food Innovation Center does taste tests every couple months and this was the fourth time I’ve qualified to participate. Usually, you show up at the assigned time and sit down in a booth with a computer. There’s a little sliding door through which the trays of samples are passed. Then you eat and reflect and answer questions. Today was fries, but other times there were dairy-free yogurts, flavored coconut chips and prepackaged sliced pears. The time with the pears was weird. Instead of the booths, a bunch of us sat classroom-style in rows and had to write down how much we’d pay for the little bag of fruit. It was an experimental auction and the person who wrote the highest amount actually had that portion of money deducted from their final payment. Someone paid $1.99 for a few pear slices.


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