Two weeks have passed since my official unemployment. With almost smug synchronicity, both of my once-regular jobs ended in quick succession. Financial scarcity is a familiar acquaintance, the shadowy sycophant always a few steps behind me. “What’s up now?” I ask. “Just checking in to see if you need me,” it replies. “We’ve had so much fun in the past!” Have we, though? It’s true a restricted monetary situation has often pushed me to be resourceful and it can be interesting. I don’t mind the occasional leapfrog from this odd gig to that. Since my last proper workday a fortnight ago, I’ve driven both a cat to the vet and a person to the human doctor. I’ve evaluated french fries and handwritten a stranger’s thank you notes to Amazon.com for his various interviews. Euros have been exchanged into US dollars, books and jewelry sold. The other night I received a complimentary meal through a new service called Josephine where people cook from their homes. Pips doughnuts will give you a dozen holes during the week of your birthday (did that too). My month-long trial membership through Amazon Prime doled out a promo code for their restaurant delivery service, which scored me free Thai food that lasted a couple days. But what next? is always the question. I did have an interview yesterday via Skype. Soon I’ll grow tired of crowdsurfing the miniature opportunities that drip in whenever it just happens to rain.


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