Robots n’ rice ribbons

Next time you’re in Sunnyvale, CA, go to that one strip mall. You know which one I mean. The one with the giant parking lot. Really though, there’s a pretty bodacious Indian supermarket called Trinethra that’s housed in a strip mall here. I discovered it tonight after I locked myself out of my room while tipsy and excited about Jarvis the hotel robot having just delivered me a toothbrush.

It may be strip mall central here, but I still had to get outside post-training session today. Trinethra had stuff like banana flowers and Magic Masala flavored Ruffles. I bought some “spiced rice flour ribbon” snack and a pack of crackers simply called Time Pass. Guess they’ll come in handy when I get bored some afternoon. Hey, I know how to pass the next three minutes! By eating crackers!

This classroom observer training is like the world’s slowest, tamest rollercoaster. Not very thrilling, yet not terrifying. We have to learn how to recognize certain student misbehaviors and today one example was “We don’t know crap about algebra!” I laughed a little too loudly as it seems I tend to do and the lecturer actually paused to see why I was cracking up.

Tomorrow we go into the actual classrooms and practice. I have to prove my reliability. Will I pass the test?? We shall soon find out.


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