The biz shizz

Yesterday morning I had a Google Hangouts interview for a job as an “Engineering Instuctor.” True story. The gig is teaching kids how to construct things from Legos. A few interesting questions arose, including what I would do with 10,000 ping pong balls – (Drop a few thousand from a second story window where the public would see and be surprised. The others would be embellished with words and drawings, then placed in gumball machines so people could purchase them for 5 cents apiece). But my answer to a different quirky inquiry was the one that threw me off a bit. They wanted to know: if I was to go into the past or future, which time period would I choose and why? I’ve never explored this, so I said the first thing that came to mind. I thought of the movie “Her,” where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with a humanesque operating system. The flick takes place in the not-so-distant future, and in this era handwriting services have become popular, likely as a backlash to all the automated shit. I found myself saying I’m really into handwriting (which is accurate) and that I’d like to live in a time when such a thing is a commodity. I want in on it. What a capitalist I am! Could it be that my artist self has been overshadowing a serious entrepreneur this whole time? Probably. I was trained to believe in creativity, which I do, but all along I’ve been shushing the cutthroat businessperson inside myself. It’s been along for the ride, but as a “silent partner” to my supposedly more virtuous imaginative and humanitarian side. Who says I can’t have all three.


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