The things we do for $ (short list)

Last week I was helping Mary Kate pack up old clothes into a tub and came across a reddish liquid that smelled like someone peed into a garbage can full of rotten fish. It sloshed at the bottom of another tub, into which the first was nestled. Somehow I was able to keep any of it from touching me or the floor, but it was disturbing nonetheless.

When I was working at the Bargain Tree downtown many years ago, a box of donations came in and I began sorting through them. There was a black acrylic sweater which was speckled with some kind of white stuff. I gave the sweater a quick tug with both hands, as if stretching taffy, and a cloud of what I realized was dandruff burst forth into my face.

While babysitting a few years back, I had to rinse out the most revolting stew of a cloth diaper. It was my first time using the toilet sprayer and it did not go well. Flecks of fecal matter landed on the walls and my shoes. The next day I stayed home in bed, nauseated and vomiting for hours. (Turns out the kid was sick).

Speaking of loaded diapers, what about the waterlogged ones I found in those people’s yard out in Vancouver. There must have been three months’ worth of trash in this lawn, which my coworkers and I were hired to remove and haul away in the company truck.



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