Mid-May Miscellania

Yesterday I was walking to the grocery store when I passed one of those little free libraries (books on a stick). Someone had loaded it up with bad romance novels and left a sign that said “It’s Bodice Rippers Month”! Hellz yeah. It reminded me of when Kristina, Tia and I read aloud the Harlequin tome called The Precious Waif while camping near Mt. Hood. Disgusting, but not at all salacious. There’s a niece/uncle thing going down, yet nothing ever quite happens.

This morning when the alarm went off, Stephanie proclaimed “That’s a burger and a half!” I think it’s a decent alternative to dagnabbit.

Mary Kate gave me crawfish print socks. I still haven’t tried eating the durn crustaceans. But I’ll add the foot coverings to my collection, which now has space dinosaurs, yoga ladies, plus the ones with an odd-looking creature and the words Plants Get Me.

Miriam, Susan’s three-year-old daughter, told me I was a baby on Monday. When I asked her if she was going to change my diaper, she cracked up for about a full minute.

Last night I went on spree of searching for the unclaimed property of anyone I could conjure. There were quite a few with money just floating out there. Even I scored a whopping $11 a couple years back. When I informed Tia, she was driving through Reno. She said Ted Nugent is playing at The Nugget, in case anyone cares. And Atlantis slots are 20% looser. Not too loose, mind you.


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