The ABC’s of loosening up

Act like a Ferris wheel connoisseur

Bring gas station food to a potluck

Carry a briefcase full of tinsel

Dabble in globe spinning

Enrobe things in chocolate

Frame a piece of junk mail

Garnish your cereal

Hold a dictionary over a fire

Impart really bad advice

Jump into an important meeting on a pogo stick

Kick a spring roll

Laugh at a self-help book

Mail someone a random item from your house

Nail a vegetable to a wall

Order some dipping sauce and give to a neighbor

Plop a bar of soap out a window

Question your silverware choices

Ride a Segway into an elevator

Spend money on a piece of velvet

Treat a stranger to a deck of cards

Use a hubcap as a plate

Vanquish a tapestry

Whistle into a megaphone

X out something you don’t feel like looking at


Zipline while wearing lederhosen



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