Igor and other stuff

Igor is a guy who works at the dentist office where I arrived before it even turned 7am this morning. Don’t come across that name too often. I was at the dentist because Joann, aka Jo-Jo, needed a ride and turns out I wasn’t busy at that hour. Fancy that, right? I sat in the waiting room halfway reading a copy of The Happiness Project I recently found in a free pile until it was time to cruise into Happy Valley for the drop off.

After a few hours of weeding at a client’s place up on 59th, I made my second trip of the day to Fred Meyer for crucial items I was too delirious to remember in the early hours. After checking out, I doubled back to snag a tub of free ice cream for which I’d received a coupon from the dispenser. En route to the freezer section, I found Carrie shopping for nacho toppings. We hadn’t been face to face in at least three years. Back when Tia worked at Sapphire Hotel, which Carrie co-owns, we all hung out a handful of times, including an overnight snowboarding escapade and one debaucherous Saturday that ended in a lot of popcorn-eating. It was a fun surprise seeing her in the midst of all the running around.

Upon returning home I discovered my complimentary “tasting flight” of medium roast Starbucks K-cups. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.



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