Knots & Loops

It’s the last day of cat-sitting Marcel and Franklin, so this morning I decided to wander down by foot to feed them instead of blasting off in the old Chrysler. I’ve done plenty of driving in the past couple days, with velour seating and the permanently closed driver side window encouraging an extra-tropical feel in the hot weather. After an excruciating cruise across town amid rush hour traffic to babysit Thursday night, and then the return yesterday afternoon to retrieve my forgotten iPad, it’s time for a break. So I took a stroll to the felines and while meandering back, noticed a metal plate on the side of a building with two names listed and their corresponding buzzers. They were presumably the last names of two business owners, but together they were the first and last of a friend of mine: Ross Moran. Strange. Another kind of similar oddity from earlier today is when I was checking out the Mr. Money Mustache blog and decided to click the ‘random’ button to bring me to a post. And by this chance, it happened to be an interview with a guy whose kids I used to babysit on occasion. In fact, one of the nights I worked for him, he was meeting the Mr. Money Mustache guy for dinner. To tie these things together even more, I used to babysit Ross Moran’s kids, too. And the reason I got the gig with the guy interviewed on the blog is because I met his wife at the park while babysitting Ross’s boys. She took my number and eventually I worked for them a handful of times.


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