Heat strategies

It’s dang hot outside, people. And it doesn’t often get into triple digits around here, so what is an A/C-less citizen to do? My solution is sangria popsicles and water balloons. I get it if you hate the little un-ecofriendly specks of garbage demolished balloons leave behind. Or if you just want to drink an Orange Julius and look at trinkets in a climate controlled mall. Or if you hate having to DIY your own stupid popsicles. Seriously, that’s all legit. But I recently discovered the magic of sangria-sicles and they are divine. It’s all about half wine, half juice and some fruit chunks. I do admit they’re kind of a pain because frozen stuff loses some flavor as it solidifies, so you have to make a simple syrup by heating some sugar into the juice if you want them to taste like anything. But it’s actually easy and worth it. The other day I bought the juice and opened it immediately after arriving home since I was parched. The cap didn’t make that popping noise when opened, but I figured it was just subtle and I didn’t notice. After taking a drink, I saw the bottle was already missing about an eighth of its contents, but I’d only had a sip. EWWW. So I made a beeline back to the store and explained the situation to the dude at the customer service desk. He recoiled. “I’m sure I’ll be fine, though,” I said. “It’s just saliva.” He then told me how he has OCD and has to wash his hands all the time, so it’s extra difficult to think about such an incident. He apologized, but I thanked him for empathizing, at least. In response he let out an uncomfortable cackle.

In addition to the sangria pops – probably due to cabin fever – I busted out some weird frozen banana pudding ice cubes on a stick, as well. My neighbor Mike had to purge all the sugar from his apartment a few weeks back so I inherited a couple boxes of pudding. With a splash of orange blossom water, they’re rather tasty. And the assortment of sticks (toothpicks, wooden chopsticks and plastic spoons) stuck into them makes the tray look…festive?

Today is going to be even hotter. Last night Stephanie and I slept in sleeping bags in the courtyard. I’m guessing we will again tonight.


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