Keep googly

It was early 2009 and I’d just been laid off because of that whole recession thing. As a file clerk at a law firm in Seattle, I wasn’t the most indispensable employee in the world. So, one day the senior partner left a voicemail informing me of my departure. (It ended up being temporary, but we can get to that another day). Suddenly, I had all this time to do stuff. Like go on a road trip with my friend Kristina. I have two friends named Kristina H and this is the one who was in grad school in Iowa at that juncture. She invited me to fly into Madison and keep her company on the drive back to Portland for the summer. Of course, I was on board.

Upon arrival at her parents’ small-town Wisconsin home, Kristina and I promptly went through some nostalgic stuff collected in their basement and found a bunch of googly eyes. It was decided then and there that we’d be adhering them to various objects along our excursion with a found glue stick. And that we did. Everything from pay phones to toilet paper dispensers and pizza restaurant wall art was now an opportunity for the “googling across America.” Even conveyor belt sushi was not safe.

It’s been awhile since I’ve affixed any of the odd little plastic half-orbs to random items, but the other day I got inspired. Four words: Googly eye snow globe. Ok, so it’s a Voss water bottle filled with baby oil, glitter and the eyes. And the googlies just stay at the surface unless the bottle is agitated, but hey, it’s still pretty nifty. Yeah, I said nifty.


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