Unlimited breadsticks

Here are topics, activities and other miscellany from the week. Where does one go to smash plates purchased at Goodwill simply for the act of smashing them. Stay tuned. Cheese grater as self-defense weapon. Karaoke duets, underexposed photo booth photos and how to reignite the pilot light in an oven. Milli Vanilli, Kriss Kross, Scritti Politti, Oingo Boingo and Spyro Gyra. Found treasure of eight highly watchable DVD’s. Three coupons for free Maya Kaimal products, received in the mail as a thank you for being on their research panel. Onion rings and spicy ketchup, shrimp cocktail, herbal Palmer, corner tamales. A potholder is not only a kitchen tool, it’s also a name for a weed-smoking vessel. What is Peggy Guggenheim’s signature drink. (Maybe a French 77). You can pay to drive a tank over a car in Vegas. I used to go to a lot more comedy nights – not sure when that fizzled out. Totally unexpected Ross Dress for Less shoe score while waiting for a friend to have a procedure done at the Oregon Clinic. Mt. Talbert hike and a weird antique store cafe. The old favorite dive B-side Tavern’s back patio fire and Tia’s double-wide evacuation because of an encroaching forest fire. And if your toaster doesn’t work, shake it first before you throw it in the trash. Shake it baby!


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