New trend predictions

You heard it here first, people.

1. Sunchoke chips

2. Butter churns

3. Semi-permanent vegetable dye tattoos

4. Movie redux of Punky Brewster

5. Educational techno music

6. Salad dressing flavored candy

7. Messy minimalism

8. Survivalist chic

9. Poi

10. Paint fondue parties

11. Quicksand-based art

12. Obstacle course fitness classes

13. Ironic Debbie Gibson ponytails

14. Infused water cafes

15. Aboriginal “dreamtime”-patterned wallpaper

16. Dumpling mania

17. Underground Afrobeat clubs

18. Glow in the dark flatware

19. Silly Putty™ sculpture competitions

20. Twister™ yoga




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