Recipe for success!

Start with a week. You know, seven days. First, add three half-days of childcare. Next, toss in a half-day of yard work plus a heaping spoonful of commuting to another town. Fold in another half-day of yard maintenance and a couple more hours of childcare. How about a sprinkle more of yard service, heavy on the weed-pulling. What the heck, plop another dollop of yard labor, all weed-pulling. Now, set aside a short amount of time to meet a new client, but then shorten that duration when the client isn’t able to arrive after you’ve already gotten to their house. Mix in a smallish portion of hanging out with a friend who’s about to move overseas. Zest one brief phone call to a different friend a couple of states away to get updates on her brain surgery situation. Chop taking care of some people’s cats. Carve away getting drinks with a friend who’s going through a hard time. Substitute a beer rendezvous with an acquaintance. Also, discard a yoga class with yet another friend that is now in the middle of assessing a health issue. Whip up two Happy Birthday texts for two special chums. Blend in an evening of live music at The Aladdin Theater and then a night of comedy. Melt two phone calls and one text for potential future work. Shave up a few trips to the grocery store, the library and the bank. Wedge several laps around Mt. Tabor reservoir. Drop a healthy chunk of birthday karaoke. Decorate using two chance encounters with people (one you haven’t seen since high school), a found dollar bill and some deodorant you’ve been trying to find for months. Apply a glaze of Madras Curry, ceviche, basil and wine. Garnish with a found copy of Wreck this Journal. (Allow sufficient time to enhance the journal to your liking).


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