Radical sabbatical

Hello there. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without writing since I began this thing almost exactly a year ago. As of now, I’m going to continue yodeling into the abyss. So, here’s the scoop.

About two weeks ago, my good friend Kristina Rose passed away. She suffered a fatal brain aneurysm while traveling to the midwest with her boyfriend, Lance. I’d known Kristina for over two decades – since we met in a college photography class. That was just a couple years after she rehabilitated from her first major brain injury of the same kind. Kristina was like no one else and I know it seems like a cliché, because the living often seem to proclaim those who die at a young age were “one of a kind” and all that jazz, but it was really the truth. At the time we met, Kristina had a secret apartment in town while living with her boyfriend. We’d sip Cointreau from a vintage pewter pitcher and listen to Dolly Parton a little too loudly. When she found out I’d had a fire in my dorm room a year prior and lost most of my clothes, Kristina swooped through her closet, giving me about half her wardrobe. There are far too many stories to list in one sitting and I’m not quite ready to tell them all yet anyway, but I will soon.

To state the obvious, a friend’s death will throw your world off a bit. In the last couple weeks I’ve been mellower on the outside and growling on the inside. And then the opposite. Quite the ride.

Still, as I absorb this tragedy, life unfolds and some parts are uplifting. Last Friday, Mary Kate and I took a trek to Oregon City to hike around a pristine golf course community outside of town and then ventured into the epicenter for cider and hummus at a place called The Verdict. (It was near the courthouse). There was also an overpriced, but fun Halloween store crammed full of everything from a $600 cauldron to a larger-than-life Rosie O’Donnell-esque statue that laughs and shakes. Creepier than any ghouls or skeletons.

In the comedy department, Stephanie and I have been blasting through Broad City over the past couple of weekends, ever since I discovered it was at the public library. Last summer I watched the first three seasons on Hulu while going through a rough time and it’s even funnier now that I’m in a state to fully enjoy its genius. Laughs aplenty, that’s for sure. During the one where Abbi gets her wisdom teeth removed and trips out on too much medication, then goes for a walk with a life-sized version of her weird stuffed doll, I told Stephanie, “You want to walk around with that guy.” To which she responded, “I want to BE that guy!”

Another highlight was attending the Side Hustle School book event at Powell’s with Stephanie two weeks ago. We’ve been fans of Chris Guillebeau’s podcast for awhile and are also attempting to create our own auxiliary businesses, so it was interesting to be a part of the live promotion. And apparently footage from that night was featured on Good Morning America the next week. Keep hustlin’, baby! Afterward, Stephanie took me to the smallest bar in Portland – M Bar. A moodily lit spot for wine and beer on NW 21st Ave, it was romantic and had the sophisticated yet edgy vibe I’ve come to associate with that part of town. I’d go again, no question.



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