Dance, part three / Hair, vol. 2

This week swept in a couple of sporadic, yet ever-present themes from my life. Dancing and hair. It’s as if I’m prohibited from spending more than a few months without something popping up in one or both of these categories. And that’s fine by me.

Monday was a rare pocket with no work scheduled, so I decided to pounce on a Zumba opportunity. Zumbortunity?? A year ago and then some, I’d was determined to check out this place called Vitalidad Center and take my first Zumba class. Unfortunately, as I arrived I came to realize I was wearing flip flops, which are not appropriate attire. Too many yoga classes messing with my shoe program, I guess. Then, this summer I was able to attend a free Zumba class in the park which was a mix of ridiculous and fun. Worth another try. So, I got into the correct gear this time and actually took a class at Vitalidad. Bruce, the instructor was very friendly and I enjoyed the way he whooped and hollered at times during the routines. Aside from one hippie’s B.O., the session was zesty and enjoyable. Yes, it was full of “vitality” – the name doesn’t lie. On my way out, I ran into the pre-teen daughter of an acquaintance, named Stella. We’d both been at Voicebox for Kristina Hauri’s karaoke birthday party a few weeks ago, so she did actually recognize me.

As far as the hair situation, last month I was bemoaning the need to get my unruly mane back under control when I discovered a text from Ady. She’d acquired a voucher for a free haircut at an upscale salon in The Pearl District while attending an architecture event. Did I want it? Hells yes. This past Tuesday I finally got around to using it and am pleased that I did. Molly at Urbaca hacked away all the dried out, puffy, summer-worn frizz and corralled things into a manageable state. Plus, I had some complimentary green tea and found a quarter on the ground outside.



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