High heelin’ for dough (post FoGro)

This entry slides in on the tail of a lovely overnight in the nearby metropolis of Forest Grove, i.e. FoGro, as I’ve just nicknamed it. The getaway was long overdue after Stephanie and I were thwarted from a trip to Hood River due to the Eagle Creek fire a month ago. We stayed in the cute and stylish B&B on Main owned by a francophile couple who served us a divine breakfast. They also gave us a complimentary wine tasting card to use at David Hill winery down the road. The setting was gorgeous, the wine tasty, but our server would pour and then just walk away! I don’t require a lot of information, but this woman didn’t even pretend to detail the velvet drapery mouthfeel, robust kitchen spices, grassy hillside foliage notes or photo finish. It was actually comical, in particular when she set out a tin of chocolates to go with the port without explaining what they were or why. The next day we took a stroll through Fernhill Wetlands, watching about 25,000 geese fly in for a conference and catching a glimpse of a pair of enormous garter snakes.

Strangely, yesterday I found a salamander in my friends Rob and Lisa’s yard while doing a winter clean up. The day before at the wetlands? Nope. A yard in the middle of the city? Sure, why not.

Today I busted out to Sellwood after my usual babysitting gig to participate in some paid biomechanical research. About five years back, I did some sessions with the same company, which was collecting data about those “shape up” shoes. Now they’re testing different insoles in high heels. I don’t EVER wear heels of any kind. Partly because I’m tall enough as it is and also because I think they’re uncomfortable. These were no exception. I walked on a treadmill for a few minutes at a time in these shoes while also wearing electrode-type things on my legs. It was very awkward and to be honest I was a little afraid at first that I’d stumble on the treadmill. Plus, I had to try and forget what I might look like in motion. The heels were 3 inches tall, so it was just really unpleasant. However, the duo facilitating the study was very nice. I’ll be going back next week to evaluate some athletic sneakers.



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