Forage that fungi!

It’s chanterelle season again and I’m not one to miss out if at all possible. Ever since moving back to Portland 7+ years ago, I’ve been getting my mushroom hunt on with Brian and any other hardy companions. This year Stephanie accompanied us into the damp forest outside Sandy. Fully cloaked in waterproof gear, we barged right into the woods, untangling ourselves from branches and navigating through shrubbery. It was kind of a light year mushroom-wise, maybe some other ambitious folks had already snatched away our potential finds before we arrived. But between the three of us, we found enough to make the trip worthwhile. We also discovered several animal bones and an abandoned TV. Once Brian was on solid ground, he realized the outer sole of his boot had been left behind. I think I remember seeing it lying on the forest floor, but figured it belonged to a hunter or whoever it was that left all the beer cans throughout the territory.

We capped off the day by stopping for a beer in Sandy proper. Options were looking pretty dismal until we saw a covert place tucked into a warehouse off the side of the highway. Bunsenbrewer was a science-themed spot that looked like a magnified geek’s basement. We sampled some of the housemade brews listed on the “Beeriodic Table,” which were indeed tasty, but the ambience left a bit to be desired. The only music was an occasional burst from a nearby arcade game and I could have done without the life-sized Star Trek characters, but that’s just me. Glad we tried it, don’t need to go back.

Later, Stephanie made a delicious meal of chanterelles and pasta with her signature confetti of flavor and flair on top. Delicioso!


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