Surf’s up

Sometimes a week is a full blown whirlwind and by the time I found my way to a calm spot, at least I’d landed a new job. It’s about time my career situation took a more promising direction. As a data collector through U of O, I’ll be helping do research in elementary schools for a new math app. The study is with kindergartners and seems like it could be interesting. After a brief stint doing similar work early this year, I’ve been eager to try it again.

Otherwise, I went to a random marketing class way the heck out in the far reaches of Beaverton. Although it was a bit dry, I think I got some useful nuggets for promoting a small business. Afterward, in my daze I discovered I’d used the men’s restroom. Fortunately the woman leaving the women’s simultaneously was sympathetic and had a story of how she’d done same thing one night while drunk.

Then Stephanie and I spent part of Saturday scoping out walkers for her mom at two separate Walmarts. She needed a replacement after the old one was accidentally destroyed by a companion’s wheelchair. Prior to the search, we each had a shot of bad tequila (Cazadores is not recommended) for inspiration. And why not take advantage of being in deep southeast Portland to swing by the cigar shop for a couple of stogies. The elderly woman behind the counter, who was wearing a puff-painted sweatshirt, made some recommendations which we smoked later by the chimnea.



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