Steamy cauldron of life

First of all, who knew Fedexing a half pound of paper to SE Asia would cost over $100. Let it be known! It was only 1/10 as much via snail. Craig just needs a handful of envelopes from the past couple of months – is that too much to ask? Well no, but dang. Since he departed for an extended stay in Thailand a couple of months ago, I’ve been doing some minor plant and mail care at Craig’s apartment. The Taylor House, where he resides stateside, is an enormous home divided into a dozen or so rooms, with varying degrees of amenities inside. Somewhat withered, but still charming, the place was quite a thriving party community over decade ago. A number of the gatherings sprawled into several units and even outside onto the deck, patio and roof. I recall one night when there were both impromptu breakdance and Tuvan throat singing performances. Many throw-downs ended with sing-a-longs facilitated by a resident named Todd and his guitar.

But back to Fedex. My recent trip wasn’t for naught, considering I needed to send some fingerprints to the FBI concerning my new job. For the second time this year I’ve been to the little place on NW Broadway to have my phalanges dipped in ink. The first occasion was during the snowpocalypse and involved my falling out of Stephanie’s car into the winter white once we’d parked. And the guy taking my prints was wearing a ring that doubled as a bottle opener. Now that’s classy.

At yesterday’s training for the data collecting, I discovered my former coworker, Kathryn, was also part of the team. We collaborated in Portland and even traveled to LA together to do similar work back in February. It was great to see her again and know I have a solid companion in this endeavor. I guess it makes sense there was a chance we’d both be doing this gig, since each of us had planned to pursue assignments of this kind. It was still a surprise to find her there, though. I feel like this metaphorical rug I’ve been slowly weaving is reaching a point where you can tell it’s supposed to be a rug and not just an odd, abstract wall hanging.

The one thing that would have put a cherry on top of that day was seeing my friend Kristina, whose office is three floors above where we trainees sat learning how to test kindergartners about math. I did visit Kristina after my interview a couple weeks prior, when I realized she worked in the building, which sits sandwiched between the waterfront and MAX tracks. A couple years ago we met for coffee nearby at the same Floyd’s Cafe where I once had an awkward double-booked interview for a temporary miniature golf course. Somehow they’d scheduled this dude and I at the same time, so we ended up tag-teaming. But yesterday I had a bagel there by myself since Kristina had architect stuff to do and was unable to convene. We will certainly remedy that soon, though.


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